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This is what happens when fine dining meets a bottle of mezcal…
La Wagucci Summer Freestyles - Presented by Chef David Fuerte
The Best Party of the Summer
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Wagyu Freestyle - Saturday, June 11th @ 6pm 

Wagyu Beef, Expert Chefs, No Holding Back

Chef David Fuerte & his friends are freestyling a 6 Course Wagyu Dinner live, over an open pit fire. And you’re invited. 

See, you’ve had wagyu, but you’ve never experienced a La Wagucci Summer Freestyle. This is your chance to try the best beef in the world like you’ve never had it before, from some of the best chef’s in LA. 

That’s plate after plate of 100% exclusive, totally unique dishes from the mind of the chef right to your taste buds. All night long.
- Omi A5 Japanese Wagyu
- Takamori A5 Drunken Wagyu
- Jack’s Creek Australian Wagyu X

With a Live DJ and Expert Mixologist

It’s just one night, but you’ll never forget it.

RSVP NOW - $250